What He Wrote

Thanks to the cooperation of Publishers Cedam and Giuffrè, a selection from the rich heritage of writings left by Giuseppe Pera will soon be available on this site.The selection will include monographs upon legal subjects, and labour law textbooks used by generations of scholars and practitioners of law. Essays, articles, case notes, lectures, and speeches have provided deep insight into crucial issues for half a century, since the author was able to master complex issues with exemplary clarity, and combine rigorous knowledge of law with constant attention to the evolution of cases of law.
Miscellaneous writings include the brief notes, namely “Noterelle”, published by «Rivista Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro», reviews of books, articles upon political and social matters, all evidence of Pera’s deep knowledge of history and humanities, his intellectual curiosity, the evolution of his political thinking, as well as his passion for and participation in any issue involving both the individual and human society.