International Meeting

The International Meeting – organized jointly by the Foundation, Banca d’Italia and CEPR-Centre for Economic Policy Research – was held in Lucca on 25th and 26th March, 2011 and was concentrated on the subject: “The Role of Experiments for the Advancement of Effective Labour Legislation.” Economists from all over the world presented and discussed methods and possible results of experimental legislative measures that would affect markets and employment relationships. Labour law experts discussed the legal and ethical limits of experimentation in this field, and its impact on ordinary laws as stated by national constitutional law, European law, or international law.

Four introductory lectures were given by Antoine Lyon-Caen (Professor of Labour Law, Paris West University – Nanterre La Défense), Francesco Clementi (Professor of Constitutional Law , University of Perugia), John List (Professor of Economics, University of Chicago), and Josh Angrist (Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

At the end of the International Meeting the jurists and the economists have compiled and signed the Declaration of Lucca.
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Research Bureau

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